Activating Your Child's Zoom Account

Teachers will be using Zoom to provide online lessons to students.  PWCS has purchased a Zoom domain to keep students and teachers safe while video conferencing.  Students will need to activate their PWCS Zoom accounts before being able to video conference with the teachers.

1.  Go to

2.  Click on "
Sign In"

Create Your Zoom Account

3.  Sign in with your child's Office365/Clever email and password.

4.  After creating the Zoom account, students will join their class Zoom meetings through Canvas.

5.  If you are using the Zoom app on a tablet or phone, open the app and click on the key that says SSO.  You will be asked to type your domain.  It is pwcs-zm-edu         Use your child's Office365/Clever email address and password to sign in.

If you have any questions about these applications, please feel free to email Aliceson Phillips-Buturla at