Hello Mullen families,


    There is a new procedure when you need support with a device.  I am only at Mullen ES on Mondays.  You may not go to Mullen ES without following the steps below.


    Steps for getting technical support

    1. You will fill out this form https://bit.ly/MullenTechIssue (also below) to help explain what issue you are having and so I can keep track of what the issues are.  The form will ask for a way to be contacted (email, Class Dojo, or Zoom).
    2. Wait for Mrs. Phillips-Buturla to contact you or send an email to phillia@pwcs.edu (after filling out the form)
    3. If you need to swap out a device after speaking with Mrs. Phillips, call Mullen Elementary School at (703)330-0427 to setup an appointment.


    If you need technical support, please do not go to Mullen Elementary School for help without first contacting Mrs. Phillip-Buturla and calling to setup an appointment after you are directed to do so.


    Additionally, you can call the PWCS help desk at (703)791-8826.