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Teacher: Mrs. Babecki
Room #: 123

Here are some things you can work on at home!

Please check dojo and flipgrid daily, I plan on posting lessons!

o Math: Unit 6 Number Sense: K.1 ab,K.3abc, K.4ab
      *Make numbers 0-15 by writing, counting out objects and identifying the numbers out of order. 
       *Count backwards from 10-0
       *Count forward by ones to 100
       *Tell what number comes "after" another number up to 70
            EX: what comes after 66?
       *Tell what number comes "before" another number from 10
            EX: what comes before 9?

  • Have your child help you count out food, plates, or any other object you can find at home.
  • Search Jack Hartmann on youtube for fun counting videos!

o Writing – Expressing ideas with a picture/labeling or a sentence.
Continue practice of last name; letters/letter sounds/sight words.

  • Have your child write about different things they are doing at home.
  • Have your child write a fiction (not true) story.
  • Remember to have them read the story to you when they are done.

o Reading – Unit 4: Exploring Informational Texts

  • Please continue to read. You can also use YouTube to search for stories and to work on sight words and letter sounds.
  • Ask them to recall the beginning, middle, and end of the story.
  • Please continue to review all sight words.
    • me,  like,  see,  a,  my,  look,  I,  can,  at, it,  in,  is,  to,  the,  we,  go,  be,  here,  this, went,  she,  he,  you,  am,  on,  up, get,  play,  for
    • Have them read the word then use it in a sentence, verbal or written.

 Studies/Science –Needs and wants

  • Check out the choice projects that is posted on Dojo.

Websites to use...
Check class dojo for lessons and stories from Mrs. Babecki
(click on the classroom code, find my name, then have your child click on their name and their password picture)

Daily Schedule 

Monday- Language Arts

Tuesday- Math

Wednesday- Science

Thursday- Social Studies

Friday- Office hours

Encore Schedule
Please check each teacher's class page for fun things to do!

Monday- Art
Tuesday- Library
Wednesday- Science
Thursday- Spanish
Friday- PE/Music
Day 6- Science