New video about our horses Lilly & Simon!

Also, an unexpected surprise!


Natural resources and erosion examples from my farm. Come take a walk with me! 


Here's a fun activity you can do with common household items all about tectonic plates! 


Here's a video all about Monty the python! Hope you enjoy.


New science lessons you will love!

Hello students! Here's a video talking all about the chicks from school with special guest appearances from the chicks themselves! Hope you enjoy.

For all grade levels, I have provided learning materials and projects that you can access from home. Stay curious! 

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    Free trial, amazing resource. It aligns with current standards and content is sorted by grade level so make sure to choose your correct grade! Hundreds of lessons available with free trial.

    Hands-on STEM science activities for all grade levels. 

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    Videos To Watch

Grades K-2:

- Sid the Science Kid. Available on YouTube. Numerous entertaining science videos!

-Scishow Kids on YouTube. Link below!

Grades 3-5:

- Bill Nye the Science Guy. Available on YouTube. Bill! Bill! Bill Nye the Science Guy! (I know you sang it in your head.. I did too.)

-The Science Channel on YouTube. Link Below!

-Vivify STEM has a multitude of STEM related activities and reading resources.

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Click the link below for some projects by grade level you can do from home.

Elementary Student Personal Projects Science.pdf

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