Clever- Platform to access student practice programs. Please click login as student in the upper right-hand corner. Students are to use their full email address with their computer password. VIB contains all of their password and login information. 

*****Online Practice ******************************************
All Subjects:
Brainpop- Learning videos (all subjects). Use classroom login.
Flocabulary- Learning songs (all subjects). Use classroom login.

Sheppard- Language Arts Practice Games
Internet4Classrooms- Language Arts Practice Games and Skill Builders
FreeRice- Please only choose English Vocabulary
Quizlet Language Arts- Quizlet for Language Arts
GetEpic- Epic reading used in class (program only works during school hours unless subscription is purchased)
Story Line Online Read Aloud - Variety of books read aloud 
Kids AZ - Our class books are located here
Whooos Reading- Assisted writing about ones reading

DreamBox- Link to DreamBox for Mullen
CoolMath- 4th Grade Math Practice Games
Quizlet for Math- Quizlet for Math
Word Problem- Math word problem practice
Jefferson Lab- Math practice (state standards)

Virginia Studies:
Quizlet for VA Studies - Quizlet for VA Studies 
VA Trekker Videos- Videos on various topics for VA Studies 

Quizlet for Science- Quizlet for Science 

****** Video for Guidance********************************************

KhanAcademy- Math videos for help at home
Scholastic Study Jams Math- Video and step by step guidance
Metric System Song (Harriet Ball Remix)- Song to help students understand the mass, volume, and length of units in the metric system
Scholastic Study Jams Science- Video and step by step guidance