Set Up Your Parent Canvas Account

Parents can set up observer account to monitor their child's learning in Canvas and communicate with their child's teacher. You will need a pairing code for each child. Follow these steps to access that paring code and log into your parent account:

1. Log into your child's Canvas account following the steps above

2. Click on Account

Click here for an account

3. Click Settings

4. Click Pair with Observer
Pair with an Observer

5. You will see the pairing code for your child.  Write it down and use it within seven days.

pair with an observer part 2

6. You will use this Pairing Code to create your Canvas parent observer account.  Go to the Canvas for Parents Login Page

7.  Click on Click Here for an Account

click here for account

8. Fill in the information including your pairing code and start participating.

9. If you use the Canvas Parent app on your phone, you will be asked to find your school.  Search for Prince William County Public Schools - Parents.  You can then click Create Account.  Then fill in the requested information including your pairing code and start participating.

10. If you have more than one child, log into your parent Canvas account.  Click on Account on the left-side Global Navigation.  Select Observing.  Click on + Student and add pairing codes for your other children.
Observing as a parent

You can find more Canvas information for parents using the links to videos below.
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