Setting Up Your PWCS Student Zoom Account


For Grades K-2

K-2 students should access Zoom through their teachers' Canvas account.  They will need to be logged into Canvas first.  

For Grades 3-5

Log into your computer and into Office 365

Click on the Waffle - It has 9 dots and is square-shaped.  It is in the top left corner of your screen.  

finding your waffle


Click on All Apps

Scroll down and click on Zoom

finding Zoom

Sign in to configure your account
Zoom will open in a new tab.

Sign into Zoom

Now your child's Zoom account is established. 

To join a Zoom meeting students go to the waffle, find Canvas,  and use the Zoom link in their teacher's  course.  Students will always need to go through their waffle, log into Office 365, and then go to Canvas.  A Zoom button will be in their teacher's course.

***If you are using the Zoom app on a tablet or phone, open the app and click on the key that says SSO.  You will be asked to type your domain.  It is pwcs-zm-edu   Use your child's Office365 email address and password to sign in.

If you have any questions about these applications for virtual learning, please feel free to email Aliceson Phillips at