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Students Can Change Their Passwords from Home


You need a device (computer, tablet, phone) and WiFi

Know your username, six-digit student number, and birth date

Step 1  Students are able to reset their passwords by clicking on a link on their school's homepage.  


Mullen's web address

Step 2 Scroll down to the middle of the page and look for this screen.

Finding the Password Reset Link

It takes you to this page. 

Step 3 Click on Student Password Reset.

Student Reset Link

Step 4 Type your Username, Student Number and Birth Date in the blanks.  Follow the format given.

Type your username

Step 5 Click Next.  The last screen asks you to make your password.

Your password must have 6-8 characters, at least one number, and one capital letter.  For grades 3-5 you must include one special character (! $ % &). 

If you forget your password use these steps to reset it.

Staff are unable to change usernames and passwords for students.  

When signing into Clever, a student may be prompted for their email address and password.  

Students in PreK - First grade have email addresses but do not have a working email account.  PreK - 2 need their email address to log into school programs. 


Students PreK - 12 emails take this form: