Explore these links and have fun.  A lot of great information and fun things to read!

Time 4 Kids - Access to online magazines

Starfall - Elementary Reading Website

Dreambox- Math games and activities 

Dogo News- News articles and currents events

Kids Reads- Book reviews, new books, series, features, authors, and much more.

Toon Book Reader- Interactive internet reading, comic books and much more

Wonderopolis- "Where the Wonders of Learning Never Cease"

Zoo Borns- Information on new born animals around the world with pictures of the animals

Over the hill is a fluency building game that requires little materials. Dice and paper with the hill drawn on it.  Hopefully this is something families could play at home.  Here is the link to the directions https://zenomath.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Zeno-Family-Math-Game-Over-the-Hill.pdf
Shape Sorter task-
In this activity students create reasons to sort the shapes into different categories. Originally geared for 3rd grade where they work on the polygon names, it could still be used with other grades to have students practice reasoning skills.