Student Drop off Pick Up- June 10th, June 11th, & June 12th Procedures for Parents

·         Parents:  Please drop off any library books, patrol belts or instruments belonging to Mullen Elementary  at the designated locations in the bus loop in front of the school on June 10th,11th, and 12th  from 11:30-3:30.  If your child is a  5th grader or if you are planning to move (or have moved) out of the Mullen boundaries and received an electronic device it will need to be returned, with the charger on these dates as well. Please label retuned items with student’s name, grade level, and teacher.

·         Families of students PrK- 4th grade may come by Mullen to pick up student belongings from 11:30-3:30 on the date that corresponds with their last name. Families of 5th grade students will pick up on June 12th- see dates below

o   June 10th 11:30-3:30 - PrK- 4th Last names A- L

o   June 11th 11:30-3:30 – PrK- 4th Last names M – Z

o   June 12th 11:30 -3:30- 5th ONLY A-Z

·         Parents reporting to Mullen for drop-off/pick up should enter through the bus loop at the front of the school, place and items to be dropped off at the designated location in the bus loop (there will be 5 stations with signs), then report to Door 3 (the Breakfast Door)which is station #5 to collect student belongings


o   At station #1 all textbook items and patrol belts

o   At station #2 all library books

o   At station #3 all musical instruments

o   At station #4 all devices from 5th grade students, or students who moved

o   At station #5 you may pick up your student belongings if applicable



(see diagram below)

Diagram for Mullen supply dropoff

Parents and students will be assigned designated times to come through the school bus loop and drop off all items that belong to the school and pick up items left in classrooms.  Items belonging to the school may include:

  • all school issued textbooks
  • patrol belts
  • library books and teacher classroom library books
  • school rented instruments

Please make every effort to label the items with student name, grade level and teacher name!  This will help our staff tremendously. There will be 5 stations.  At each station you will need to get out of your vehicle and place the items in bins, on a table, or on carts.  All bins, tables, and carts will be labeled – please place all items in the correct table, cart or bin. Staff will be present, practicing social distancing, and will be using protective equipment to ensure everyone’s safety. 


At station #1 all textbook items and patrol belts

At station #2 all library books

At station #3 all musical instruments

At station #4 all devices & chargers from 5th graders or students who are moving

At station #5 you may pick up your student belongings if applicable


The schedule for drop-off and pick-up will be as follows:


·         June 10th 11:30-3:30 - PrK- 4th -Last names A- L

·         June 11th 11:30-3:30 – PrK- 4th - Last names M – Z

·         June 12th 11:30 -3:30- 5th GRADE ONLY- A-Z





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