Ms. Skolka
Room 114

Here are some things you can work on at home!

Please check dojo daily! I plan on posting book read alouds, projects, and lessons!

o Math: Unit Number Sense 4: K.1 ab, K.3 ac
Counting(one to one correspondence), reading, writing, and representing numbers 0-20. Counting to 100 by ones, identify number “after/one more” from 0-100, and number “before” from 1-10 without counting.

  • Have your child help you count out food, plates, or any other object you can find at home.
  • Search Jack Hartmann on youtube for fun counting videos!

o Writing – Expressing ideas with a picture/labeling or a sentence.
Continue practice of last name; letters/letter sounds/sight words.

  • Have your child journal about different things they are doing at home.
  • Have your child turn an every day nonfiction story into a fiction story! (Add talking animals or a trip to the moon)
  • Remember to have them read the story to you when they are done.

o Reading – Unit 4: Exploring Informational Texts

  • Please continue to read. You can also use YouTube to search for stories and to work on sight words and letter sounds.
  • Ask them to recall the beginning, middle, and end of the story.
  • Please continue to review all sight words.
    • me,  like,  see,  a,  my,  look,  I,  can,  at, it,  in,  is,  to,  the,  we,  go,  be,  here,  this, went,  she,  he,  you,  am,  on,  up, get,  play,  for
    • Have them read the word then use it in a sentence, verbal or written.
    • Read Stories and check off what words you can find

 Studies/Science – Living and non living things.

  • Make a list of living and non living things you see at your house.
  • Point out living and non living things when reading and watching TV.
  • Have students draw a living and non living thing they see when looking out their window

Websites to use...
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Stay Well ~ Ms. Skolka