Teacher: Mrs. Lanza

Room #: 129
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Thank you all so much for your patience during this time. The Mullen learning schedule is as follows:

April 20-June 12, 2020


Core Subject



Language Arts









Social Studies




P.E. and Music


My office hours Monday and Wednesday 2:00 to 2:30. I will be at my computer and available to answer emails and Class Dojo messages. I will also monitor as usual and reply as soon as possible.

I will post an activity chart with the task description, links and activities based on the subject for that day. If you would like to share your child’s work feel free to take a picture and post it in their Class Dojo portfolio. I would love to see their work and let them know I’m proud of them.

Encore classes will be available through individual encore teacher’s class pages. English Language Learners and Special Education students can also access additional activities by visiting the teachers that they have worked with this year on the individual teacher’s class pages.


I will have a weekly Zoom meeting that will be announced on Class Dojo the week before for students (supervised by an adult) to share and reflect.

As of right now I have no information on when or if computers will be available for students to borrow. When I have more information on computers I will let you know.

If you have any questions/concerns please feel free to get in touch via ClassDojo or my email  Lanzapd@pwcs.edu.

Thank you for all of your efforts to support and encourage learning at home while we are away from Mullen. I know this is a challenging time for everyone. I am working to make as many resources available to you as possible and will continue to communicate with you through ClassDojo and our Class Page. These documents (There is a folder for kindergarten and a folder for first grade.) contain the standards of learning (SOLs) which will show you what things we would be focusing on at this time in the school year. Please remember you are not required to cover new content. These are just resources to give you options for review of what has already been taught at school. You will find links to our online resources as well as ideas for activities you can do with your child at home for each subject area. As you explore the options available, please use caution whenever your student is accessing materials and sites online. I have posted links under Files and Documents for many of the resources we have used in the classroom. We also often use read alouds, Jack Hartman learning videos and Cosmic Yoga found on YouTube.com in our classroom. You may find these useful at home when previewed and supervised by an adult. Thank you for your patience as we learn from each other and work through this time together.


Sharing the Planet
March/April 2020

Transdisciplinary Theme

An inquiry into the rights and responsibilities in the struggle to share finite resources with other people and other living things; communities and the relationships within and between them; access to equal opportunities; peace and conflict resolution.

Central Idea: Different types of resources affect how we live.

Lines of Inquiry

  • How do people change the earth? (change)
  • How do we use resources responsibly? (responsibility)

Concepts: Change, Responsibility

Learner Profile:

  • Open-minded- We appreciate our own cultures and personal histories, as well as the values and traditions of others.We seek and evaluate a range of points of view, and we are willing to grow from experience.

 Attitude: Appreciate

At Home Reinforcement

The following are some activities that you can complete with your child at home to reinforce what they are learning at school outside of the classroom.

Language Arts: Create a how-to or all- about nonfiction book.  Bring your book in to read to the class.

Science: Create a poster by drawing 3 natural resources and write about how we use them.

Social Studies: Write and draw 3 needs and 3 wants on a poster. Bring in your poster to share with the class.  Create a goods/service poster.  Write/draw a good you would like to sell or a service you would like to provide when you are all grown up.  Bring in your poster to share with the class.

Important Dates
April 24 End of 3rd Quarter
May 4 Report Cards
May 29 Memorial Day Holiday
June 12 Last Day of School



Daily Schedule 

  9:00 - 11:06 Inquiry Block 
11:06 - 11:36 Lunch
11:36 - 12:00 Break/Recess
12:00 - 1:20 Inquiry Block
  1:20 - 2:05 Encore
  2:05 - 2:45 Inquiry Block
  2:45 - 3:00  Recess

  3:00 - 3:30

  3:30 - 3:40                  Pack/Stack/Dismissal
Encore Schedule
Day 1 PE
Day 2 Spanish (9:20)  Science (1:20)
Day 3 Music
Day 4 PE
Day 5 Library
Day 6 Art


2 am/pm


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