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In order for our students to receive the maximum benefit of the educational program being offered, regular school attendance is imperative. The state of Virginia has recently passed very stringent legislation regarding school attendance. The following procedure will be used in the event of student absences:

  1. Parents are requested to notify the school in writing or by phone if their child(ren) will be absent from school. We ask that you notify the school by 8:30 a.m.
  2. An effort will be made by the school staff to contact parents of students who fail to report to school.
  3. After three unexcused absences (consecutive or nonconsecutive) within a grading period, a phone call will be made and/or a letter will be sent to inform parents of the absences.
  4. Upon the fifth unexcused absences, the attendance officer will be notified and will visit the home.
  5. In accordance with Regulation 665-1, missing ten school days in which little or no make-up work was done is a factor to be reviewed when considering retention.


Every effort should be made to be sure that students arrive at school on time. They should be in their classrooms by 9:00 a.m. Any student arriving after that time will need to report to the visitor's desk for a tardy slip. When students arrive late, it disrupts the classroom instruction. We would be most grateful for your cooperation.