Explore these links and have fun.  A lot of great information and fun things to read!

Mr. Harding's Class ZOOM MEETING LINK

Colgan Sharks Reading!

Time 4 Kids - Access to online magazines

Study Island-  Study Island offers various subject and content areas based off Virginia SOLs 

Starfall - Elementary Reading Website

Dreambox- Math games and activities 

Dogo News- News articles and currents events

Kids Reads- Book reviews, new books, series, features, authors, and much more.

Toon Book Reader- Interactive internet reading, comic books and much more

Whooo's Reading- Whooo's Reading has comprehension questions and writing about reading. use the code: CWDP4559

Wonderopolis- "Where the Wonders of Learning Never Cease"

Zoo Borns- Information on new born animals around the world with pictures of the animals.

Which links have been the most helpful?