PWCS has released details of the Phase 4 of the Continuity of Learning Plan* for all students. This plan provides more specific direction on the Virtual Schoolhouse and how to successfully navigate learning virtually. The plan is outlined for you on the website under the COVID-19 updates.

First, we want to emphasize that instruction and learning will continue... virtually. The activities that will be provided are optional and will not be graded, but we want to encourage participation in the activities so that students do not fall behind in learning. Each day students will have about three activities to work on while at home (a subject, read to self, and an ENCORE activity). This is to provide you with extra support as you try to homeschool your child. The activities will be meaningful and related to curriculum and Virginia standards of learning, and should not exceed an hour per day, per subject.


Welcome to 4th Grade!
The 4th Grade Team
You can click on your teacher to be taken directly to his or her class page.

Mrs OnealMr MorrisMr PalmerMr Whyte Mrs B

4th Grade Choice Board: Week 7 & 8
Both weeks are projects. Students should complete one project by the end of week 7 and the other project by the end of week 8. 

CLICK HERE - Learning Choice Board Week 7 and 8

*Mrs. B.'s Digital Escape Room "Escape the Box" -Click Here
*Flipgrid 4th Grade - Say Hello!
Click the link. Use your school email to sign in. Record your message (add some stickers if you want). Post your message and come back later to view other students. Watch how many people viewed your video or selfie. 
*How To Find Choice Board and Use FlipGrid Video
*How To Log in and Use SeeSaw

Office Hours:
Mr. Morris- Fridays 2pm-3pm
Mrs. Brooks-Smith, Mrs. O'Neal, & Mr. Whyte - Fridays 3pm-4pm
Mr. Palmer Fridays 4pm-5pm

Ms. Diaz- Friday 11am-12pm
Ms. Hayes- Friday 2pm-3pm

ESOL Aligned Curriculum Language Choice Board

Ms. Pfieffer - Friday 9am-11am
Gifted Page

Zoom meetings on a as needed basis. A Dojo message will be sent out prior to meetings.


Ms. Dunn Zoom Book Club Chat  Wednesdays @2PM 
Ms. Dunn the Reading Specialist for the upper grades of Mullen. Click Here to be taken to her class page.

For more helpful, fun, and useful links please visit your 4th grade teacher's "Useful Links" page.

Mrs. Brooks-Smith's Useful Links Page
Mr. Morris' Useful Links Page
Mrs. O'Neal's Useful Links Page
Mr. Palmer's Useful Links Page
Mr. Whyte's Useful Links Page

For other documents and resources from your teacher, please visit his or her "Files and Documents" Page.

Mrs. Brooks-Smith's Files and Documents Page
Mr. Morris' Files and Documents Page
Mrs. O'Neal's Files and Documents Page
Mr. Palmer's Files and Documents Page
Mr. Whyte's Files and Documents Page

Commonly Used Sites in 4th Grade
Clever Login Page
IXL Login Page
Study Island Login Page
Kids A-Z Login Page
Epic Login Page
Online Science Textbook
Flipgrid Code Login Page

Fun Educational Games & Sites
Science- PBIS Kids Feed the Dingo and more
Social Studies- Classic Reload- Oregon Trail Regular and Deluxe 

SWAY & PowerPoint Lesson Review
*Some parts are under construction and will be added soon.


SWAY or PowerPoint Lesson

Language Arts

Unit 2 Explore Fiction with Character Study 
Unit 3 Talking About Books



Unit 4 Fractions
Unit 5 Patterns, Functions and Algebra

VA Studies

Unit 2 Part A Geography of Virginia 
Unit 2 Part B VA's Native Americans
Unit 3 Jamestown

Unit 6 New Nation
Unit 7 Civil War
Unit 8 Reconstruction

Unit 10 VA Economy & Gov't Review


Plant Unit
Solar System, Earth, moon & sun Unit