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SOL Links  

Practice Site Description:
Interactive Quizzes: IQ Quizzes using released SOL test questions created by Tammy Maloney of Poquoson City Public Schools. Instant feedback is given to student showing if the answer is correct or asks student to try again.
Jefferson Lab SOL practice tests Interactive review tests in science and math using released test items. The questions are randomized, so when you take the quiz different times, you will get different questions.
SOL Pass Test practice and review for Science and Social Studies SOL. Currently we do not have a password for extended version.
James River SOL review activities Review games for 3rd & 4th grade social studies using Quia online quiz generator.
Technology Enhanced Items Video that shows the SOL TEI (Technology Enhanced Items)
  Click Grade Level to find links VDOE provides to practice skills that support the Virginia SOL
Study Zone Test Prep Lessons and practice activities for grades PreK-4th grade in English/Language Arts. Great resource for teachers to model lessons and extend practice.
SOL Power Points PDF versions of released SOLs
Pearson epat Practice on simulation that contain items that are representative of the content and skills assessed on Virginia’s SOL tests.
SOL Jeopardy Grade 3 PowerPoint game to review 3rd grade SOL
Grade 3 History Jeopardy Click "Double Jeopardy" button when you are finished round 1 to load different social studies categories
Grade 5 Science SOL Jeopardy Online Jeopardy game for 1-8 players or teams
Math Practice using TEI Higher level questions in technology enhanced format for Grades 2-8 by
Thinking Blocks Word Problems Interactive site with models to help solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and ration word problems.
American Revolution Reading Passage with highlighter tool and 10 comprehension questions
Buffalo Nonfiction Reading Passage with 10 questions
Crickets Nonfiction Reading Passage with 10 questions
Harriet Tubman Nonfiction Reading Passage with 8 questions
Silk Road Nonfiction Reading Passage with 8 questions
Ponce de Leon Nonfiction Reading Passage with 10 questions (5 Paragraphs with side scroll bar.)
Sioux (Lakota) Nonfiction Reading Passage with 10 questions (5 Paragraphs with side scroll bar.)
Online Reading Passages for Grades 3-5 Nonfiction Reading Passages for students in grades 3rd, 4th, and 5th.